It has been too long since my last post so I thought it was time to pick up my tools and begin again with a brand new theme.

Lots of things have happened in the last 12 months, the best thing is that I am now freelancing as a designer for both web and print. This is week two and I feel as though I’m on holiday. I expect that will change as I get used to the new routine.

I’m still reorganising, sorting and weeding – clearly I have a ways to go but my expectation is that my pontifications will be regular again – or perhaps that should read – at last.

Finally this afternoon, I have selected a pastel that I did of a blue vase. The vase itself was not as wonky as mine turned out.

Blue vase - pastel

Blue vase – pastel

Let me know what you think of the new theme.

One Response to “I’m Back With a New Theme”

  • karen says:

    Hi Jools.
    Congratulations on the new gig/phase.
    I do like the new look blog. It’s much easier to read (I know the Jeanna font had lots of character but it wasn’t that easy to read). And I like the colour scheme and the twirly viney thingys.
    The vase looks very 3 dimensional and realistic. And the slight ‘wonkiness’ only adds to that. When I first glanced at it I didn’t realise it was a drawing.

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