I’m starting the new year with an updated website and a new post. Suffice to say, I’ve combed every page on my site and fixed errors, checked links, replaced missing pictures and tinkered with the innards. Any omissions gratefully accepted. I was shocked to find that I had more drafts of posts waiting in the wings, than published posts.

It’s difficult to know where to begin again, so I will concentrate on presenting artists of various ilk, whose work inspires me and perhaps will inspire you too; until I find my feet again.

Today it’s a toss-up between several artists in diverse media but I think I will begin with a website I originally came across in June 2006. The website is called wasted beauty.  It’s a bit of a puzzler as the only credit on the site is for the atmospheric soundtrack; attributed to Lars Sinda and while the German website is registered to the same person, the artist denies that he/she is Sinda. I admit defeat. The artist wants to remain anonymous – so I will respect that.

Wasted Beauty opening screenshot.

Wasted Beauty opening screenshot.

The reason for this post is not to feature the detailed pencil drawings themselves but for the adept use of actionscript and the quite extraordinarily charming flash interface – so yes, all of you smug Apple users will just have to go to tle.deviantart.com to view the art.

I’m not a great fan of animated websites – it’s a little, “flash in the pan” – pardon my pun – whatever means are used to achieve it. If the purpose is to enhance the user experience, it’s quite another thing and the user interface here does just that. The website is elegantly simple with self evident user elements that animate into life in context, on hover. Some of the artwork has been animated too, imbuing the pencil illustrations with eerie life.

Not much more to be said on this topic except – go have a play and hopefully you too will be delighted.

Logging off, Jools

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